Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My First Local CP Class in Lexington

Thanks to Paula Grookett's urging I have been teaching a local CP class at Pilgrim Church here in town. Paula took a class with me on Ann Kullberg's ( CP Caribbean Cruise last spring. If you ever have a chance to take a CP cruise with Ann I highly recommend it! Ann is a blast and such a wonderful artist. She has some super artists teach with her. Nicole Caulfield ( taught with me on the one last spring. Ann has two more planned. If you are interested take a look at Ann's site.

I have spent this week trying to get a website up. I was able to get my own domain name: Too bad I don't have anything on it yet. I know a little bit about using Dreamweaver from my Ebay days but I have never tried to put up a website without using a template from the server. It's been an exercise in frustration so far and my resident computer geek, daughter, is on her way to Europe today. Stay tuned........

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